Getting a complete picture of a candidate’s criminal history is harder than you think. There are more than 3,500 individual court jurisdictions in the U.S. – and each one handles things a little differently. It’s our job to simplify this complex process for you – and quickly find results that are both thorough and accurate.

Our proprietary screening methods simplify the process giving you hiring peace of mind

First we look in more places thanks to our proprietary search, Complete Criminal Locator. It uses advanced technology and extensive cross-referencing to identify more possible places to search for criminal records. As a result, Complete Criminal Locator finds up to 15.7% more jurisdictions to search — and finds on average 23% more records than traditional background checks.

Our pioneering CourtDirect™ technology provides instant access to the criminal records located in county court jurisdictions. Where most screening companies still rely on slow, manual processes (like people driving to courthouses and making photo copies), CourtDirect uses high speed connections into more than 2,200 jurisdictions across the U.S. This means that we can search over 75% of all criminal records in minutes – not hours or days. With access to millions of criminal records, CourtDirect delivers faster turnaround times on your screening requests and improves overall accuracy by decreasing the opportunity for human errors.

We offer the following criminal record searches allowing you to hire with confidence
Our county criminal records search is generally where we begin and we include:
  • Felony and misdemeanor criminal records
  • The current status and/or final outcome of each case
  • FCRA compliance, with details reported responsibly per federal guidelines
  • In addition to searching country criminal records based on residence, we can also search county criminal records searches based on a candidate’s employment and education history.

We search local index and centralized state repository searches in Puerto Rico and 46 states. While every state possesses a state repository, due to differing state legislation, some repositories are incomplete or offer limited access. At Sterling Talent Solutions, we only offer a statewide repository where we are confident that you receive a reliable and thorough background check.

A federal criminal records search is often a supplement to county and state criminal records checks and is commonly used for employment screening for senior and executive-level positions. We provide case details and outcomes for 94 federal districts throughout the United States.

We search the US Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry, which includes real time listings of registered sex offenders in 49 states, offering complete and current reporting of any convictions and/or infractions.